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We import European design and quality directly into homes and commercial real estate in Japan



EURODESIGNHAUS is in a unique position to support architects and interior designers in bringing the design, quality and reliability of European brands to projects throughout Japan due to its strong relationship with and direct access to the brands' manufacturers and their partners in Europe. Moreover, EuroDesignHaus is helping operators like hotels, facility managers, and owners to maintain their assets by providing support in technical questions and giving direct access to original spare and replacement parts.



EURODESIGNHAUS specializes in high-quality European designer brands, which we import from the source in Europe. This way we can supply the full range of high-quality designer products that are available in Europe including the latest releases.

EURODESIGNHAUS' customers include architects and designers as well as luxury hotels throughout Japan who we support from selecting the right products to realize their design and sourcing these products to installation and after-care.

EURODESIGNHAUS together with its European partners has extensive experience in selecting and importing (via sea and air) European designer finishings and fittings into Japan. Furthermore, we have a successful track record of supporting the realization of newly built, renovation and maintenance projects in Japan.




The brands and products EuroDesignHaus is importing are trusted by architects and interior designers world-wide and have been chosen for prestigious projects around the world. We would like to highlight a small selection.


  • ホテル
  • 住居
  • レストラン
  • 店舗



EURODESIGNHAUS' projects have been featured in many magazines like PEN, Modern Living, My home+, online ( etc.) and on TV.



Contact us today to find out how we can support you. Our English-speaking staff is available either by email or fax (03-6447-1952) .



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